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Professional Water Damage Help When You Need It Most
When your home or business in South Florida has been impacted by water damage, we understand that you need help and you need it fast. At Image Management & Construction, our experienced team of water damage professionals are on-call 24/7 and will respond and act quickly to minimize the damage and dry your South Florida property.

Our friendly and helpful staff know that this is a stressful situation and will help walk you through the entire process to ensure your property is cleaned up and restored as quickly as possible. From the initial call for help to working with your insurer until the job is complete, our team is here to help.

Why Consider Us For Your South Florida Water Damage and restoration needs

What You Can Expect

When you call Image Management & Construction, we’ll ask you a few questions to make sure we are able to respond with the right equipment and staff for the type and size of your water damage loss. Some of the information you will need to give to our amazing staff includes:

*Where do you think the water is coming from?

*What is the age of the property? (Anything before 1978 we must test for lead and asbestos.)
*What can you see is affected? (what rooms/areas, affected materials – drywall, flooring, etc., contents)
*Is there an extensive amount of contents in the affected areas?
*How many stories/floors are there?
*Is the property located on a foundation or crawlspace?
*If a roof tarp is needed, what type of roof?

That should be enough information to give our technicians to get a head start on the drying process.

Our Water Damage Cleanup & Restoration Process

1. Work Authorization. When our technicians arrive at your South Florida home or business, they will have you show them the affected areas and explain what has happened. The technician will then have the property owner sign a work authorization allowing us to perform the necessary emergency services. If being paid by insurance, the property owner agrees to allow the insurance company to pay Citadel Construction Group for our services.

2. Stop the Intrusion. Once the work authorization is signed, the technician will determine the extent of damage, how the water is entering the property, and if there is a permanent or temporary solution to stop the water intrusion. This may involve shutting off the water supply or covering the roof with a tarp.

3. Begin the Drying Process. Once the water has been stopped, the technician will remove any porous materials that have a hard time drying or cannot be dried at all (insulation, carpet pad, drywall, vinyl, particle board, some laminates, etc.). After all the necessary demo has been completed we will set up equipment to dry the substrate materials and/or non-porous materials.

4. Monitor Equipment and Humidity Levels. The equipment will need to run continuously and will be monitored daily by our technicians. It is very important that the equipment is not turned off as this will extend the amount of time necessary to properly dry your property. Our goal is to dry your property as quickly as possible, but this can take several days depending on the extent of the damage.

5. Make Repairs. After the drying process is complete, we will make any repairs to return your property to pre-loss condition. If flooring materials, drywall, or insulation have been removed, they will be replaced during this stage. Once your property is restored, we will remove all the equipment and leave your property in pre-loss condition or better.

From the initial Contact Citadel Construction Group will take over all your headaches. We are experts at making things right the first time. We specialize in fixing your South Florida home or business as if the damage never happened. Our expert team is ready and on call 24/7 .Contact Us Today and find out why Citadel Construction Group is the #1 choice in South Florida for all your Water Damage, Dry Out and Restoration Needs.

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