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Bathroom Remodeling work flow process:

As we all know every Construction and Remodeling project is unique and custom tailored for the individual client. However at Citadel Construction Group the over all work flow has never changed.

It always starts with planing and ends with 100% customer satisfaction.

Phase 1


Once our Consultant has a firm understanding of the the clients requirements and over all project we move over to the estimate phase. Citadel Construction Group will consider multiple factors in our over all estimate. Starting with Material, Labor and customer budgets. Once completed the Estimate is presented and reviewed with the client for final approval

Phase 3

Initial Meeting.

In our first phase we will have one of our expert Remodeling Consultants visit the clients home in order to visualize the proposed project. We will discuss the customer vision and wish list, evaluate the over all space and flow, take measurements of the space and discuss materials, colors and finishes.

Phase 2

Material Sourcing

During this phase of the project our designers will work closely with the client to source out all the material types and colors required to complete the project. We may sure all material and specs are approved by the client and are readily available for purchase. All material are then ordered and shipped to the project location.

Phase 4


  • At the start of most Bathroom Remodeling Projects is the Demolition phase.
  • Removal of Existing Toilets, Vanities, Bath Tubs.
  • Removal of all Drywall and Duroc Board to Studs
  • Inspection of all pipes and plumbing connectors.
  • Final Clean up and removal of all debris.

Phase 5


  • Install New rough plumbing in shower or tub enclosure
  • Install New Duroc board around shower or tub enclosure
  • install new drywall in Bathroom Area.
  • Water proof all connection and wall sections.
  • Install Shower Pan or New Tub .

Phase 6


  • Install New Tiles Bathroom Floor
  • Install New Tile Bathtub/Shower Walls
  • install New Tiles Shower Floor
  • Install New Toilet and Vanities.
  • Paint Entire Bathroom ( Walls, Ceilings and Baseboard )
  • Install New Shower/Bathtub faucet Set
  • Install New Vanity Sink and Faucet system.

Phase 7

Project Completion

  • Final Test of all Plumbing Fixtures.
  • Final Inspection of Completed Work.
  • Final Clean Up.